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Würzburg Residence

Picture: Würzburg Residence, ceiling fresco in the Imperial Hall


Residence tour

In addition to the court church with its magnificent interior, the Würzburg Residence has a total of 40 period rooms open to the public, with a rich array of furniture, tapestries, paintings and other art treasures of the 18th century.

The tour through the Residence starts on the ground floor with the vestibule and and the Garden Hall goes via the famous staircase on to the upper floor where the other rooms are. The court church is accessible through a separate entrance on the southern front yard.

Please click on a room in the plan or in the legend for a view of the interior.

Picture: Ground plan Link to the vestibule Link to the Garden Hall Link to the staircase Link to the White Hall Link to the Imperial Hall Link to the Southern Imperial Apartments Link to the documentation room Link to the memorial room Link to the Tuscany Rooms Link to the Northern Imperial Apartments Link to the State Gallery Link to the Ingelheim Rooms Link to the Princes' Hall Link to the Court Church

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