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Picture: Würzburg Residence and Court Garden

In the Würzburg Residence, in the Court Church, on the square in front of the Residence and in the Court Garden, photography and video recording are permitted to a small extent (without light, tripod, selfie stick etc.) for private purposes only. Please keep a sufficient distance from the objects and show consideration for other guests. Photography and filming are not permitted during the guided tours.

Please feel free to share any private photos taken under the above conditions on your personal (i.e. non-commercial) social media pages using the hashtag #schloesserbayern. Use of any private photo material for further purposes is expressly prohibited.

Special permission is required – and there may also be a charge – for all photography and films taken for further use, as well as for the flying of drones/ multicopters.

We also provide you with image and film material that you may use free of charge on your own website under certain conditions; click here to download image material or download footage.


Wedding shoots

We regret that wedding shoots inside the Würzburg Residence are not possible. They are permitted outdoors, provided that the photos are only for private use. The publication of private photos in any form is strictly prohibited. The bridal couple may however share photos on social media, which is regarded as a private matter.

If as a photographer you would like to publish photos, e.g. on your Internet page, or use them for advertising purposes, you can apply for permission informally by sending us an e-mail, attaching the photos. There will however be a charge for this.

You don't have to announce the wedding shoot in advance. We would however ask you to observe the park regulations and be considerate of other visitors. 

In particular, the following is prohibited:

  • the use of drones

  • photo shoots with a car on the square in front of the Residence or in the Court Garden

  • the cordoning off of areas

  • the use of softboxes, flash systems, superstructures etc.

  • activities such as releasing balloons etc.

  • leaving paths and stairs

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